We support safe and reliable mobility

As a forerunner in vision analytics with over 25 years of experience, we commit ourselves to deliver unmatched detection speed and accuracy.
We are taking the next step in vision analytics by adding ‘reasoning’ to ‘recognition’ and get a better digital understanding of what is happening in the real-world environment. 

This makes Scapeye the best choice for critical decision support under challenging conditions.

Proven technology

Scapeye software is used every day in systems for tolling, law enforcement and mobility solutions with low error tolerance


Scapeye originates from Prime Vision, building highly accurate OCR software and sorting systems for the postal market for more than 25 years

Customer focus

With a focus on product development and our own in-house team of experienced developers, we offer a flexible solution for our partners


Using the latest technologies available we add ‘meaning’ to ‘recognition’, through which we better understand the visual context and reliably support automatic decision making