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Scapeye ANPR

Designed with the goal of attaining the highest possible recognition levels.

The Scapeye Automatic Number plate Recognition software is trusted by governments and commercial clients worldwide to read high volumes of license plates in solutions such as tolling and traffic enforcement. With a global accuracy of >98% under varying weather and light conditions, our ANPR is among the best in the world.

Our ANPR software is a key component in several European traffic systems and Dutch enforcement systems, in which ANPR accuracy and performance requirements are the strictest in the industry. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithms that underlie our ANPR software also have a long history and proven track record in the postal and banking industries, where the demands on the performance and accuracy levels are equally strict.

The integrated country classifier determines the origin of the vehicle from over 40 countries and is based on different algorithms that include syntax checking and deep learning technologies. Our ANPR is delivered with full country support and without additional costs. 


Because our ANPR software is suitable for use in enforcement systems, it is also perfectly usable in applications where the overall ANPR requirements are less strict, such as traffic monitoring systems. The speed of our ANPR software allows it to be used in both real-time and offline systems. 
Scapeye ANPR is able to work on any input source. The software is designed to work with both colour and monochrome (greyscale) images, as well as high and low resolution images. Because input image quality is a key factor in the performance of the system as a whole, we also provide consultancy on what type of hardware to use, and how to set up the cameras in the field. Through our partners, we can also supply our customers with hardware that meets their performance requirements.
Our software is available as a Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows for easy integration into new and existing systems. As part of our service, our engineers can also integrate our ANPR software into your traffic and transportation systems. 

Custom-built and off-the-shelf versions

When a customer wants the most accurate ANPR possible, our engineers customise our software to the necessary specifications. In the field, our customised ANPR software has attained accuracy levels of well over 98% positive detections with less than 0.02% error. 
Our generic (off-the-shelf) ANPR software is suitable for applications with less strict ANPR requirements. We have designed our generic ANPR software to achieve around 95% positive detections with an error of 0.5-1.5% for images of sufficient quality. 


Full European coverage, including

  • Country indication
  • Vanity plates
  • Special characters
Tolerance configuration 
When a certain accuracy is obtained by ANPR software, a higher positive detection rate will come at the cost of a substantially higher error rate. However, our customers can configure this trade-off in their ANPR software to suit their own business requirements. 
Our software is capable of processing a group of images in order to make one judgement. This leads to higher ANPR accuracy.
Scapeye ANPR is able to recognise licence plates and characters that have become deformed or damaged due to displacement of the licence plate, wear & tear, fraud and environmental conditions such as dirt and snow.

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