Vacancies for Computer Vision Engineers

At Scapeye, we are currently looking for Computer Vision Engineers to join our brand-new Budapest team. You will be working with the latest Deep Learning tech as well as classical Computer Vision algorithms to make the world a little bit safer and more efficient day-by-day.

We have job openings for:

VA Engineer (all levels of experience)


  • Improving existing computer vison pipelines (object detection/tracking/classification)
  • Developing new vision solutions
  • Job requirements:
    • Python or C++ experience
    • A problem-solving mindset
    • Computer Vision or Deep Learning experience for mediors and seniors. Juniors will be trained on the job.

Senior VA Engineer (ANPR)


  • Optimizing the inner workings of our ANPR solutions
  • Adjusting the existing algorithms to solve new challenges
  • Extending the ANPR pipeline with new algorithms
  • Testing with existing scripts
  • Job requirements:
    • Computer Vision or Deep Learning experience
    • Delphi experience

For both vacancies we require:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Software Engineering, Physics, Math, or similar
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Willing to travel to the Netherlands on a regular basis (considering COVID19 allows)
  • Fluent in English

For more information contact:

Martin Bede at