Scapeye Virtual Loop

The virtual loop is a cost effective software solution to replace expensive physical sensors and save on installation and maintenance costs. The virtual loop is typically used in systems for tolling and speed enforcement, where accurate detection of a vehicle location on the road is required. The video images from the camera are used to detect the exact location of the vehicle in view and additionally calculates the vehicle speed, length and driving direction.

The Scapeye Virtual Loop Detector takes a video stream as input. Multiple regions of interest, called a virtual loop, can be defined within this input stream. Whenever an object passes through the virtual loop, a trigger is generated that can be used by the system in which the Virtual Loop was incorporated.

The performance and accuracy of the Virtual Loop is suitable for use in real time within enforcement systems. However, due to the low cost of the Virtual Loop compared to its hardware counterparts (lasers, radars and induction loops), it can also be used in applications for which the budget is limited and the performance requirements are lower.
Like our ANPR software, the Virtual Loop is available as a Software Development Kit (SDK). This allows for easy integration into new and existing systems. As part of our service, our engineers can also integrate the Virtual Loop into your traffic and transportation systems.