Scapeye operates in the professional market of traffic, automotive, transport and mobility. 
We deliver our solutions to system integrators, vision hardware and software manufacturers and distributors.


With a combination of Scapeye ANPR and Vehicle Classifier it is possible to uniquely identify vehicles from their license plate and calculate the amount to be paid based on the vehicle type. Our software is used in Swedish tolling systems and is chosen every time again for it’s stability and high performance (>98% in different weather and light conditions)

Average speed enforcement

The high performances of our software which are fully certified and comply with the high standards expected by the judicial authorities, make them suitable to be used in enforcement solutions.

Parking solutions

Camera solutions to detect free parking spaces in a given area can be used to redirect traffic and avoid congestion in big parkings.

Incident detection

With vision analytics each object in the field of view can be monitored, quickly providing a trigger in case of an incident detection.

Access control

Only residents or specific type of vehicles are allowed to enter restricted traffic zones: Scapeye can provide your solution with the information needed.